Our Story

Debbie Perry knows what it means to multitask. The mother of six wonderful children, her passion for delivering exceptional service has driven the success of multiple businesses. So when Debbie’s daughter Lindsay came to her with the idea for the Busy Girl Bangle, it was a no brainer. Since Lindsay has become a mother, she has become increasingly inspired to live for someone else other than herself. Working with her mom has provided the perfect opportunity for her to build a dream with her best friend. Debbie and Lindsay are both overjoyed to be on this adventure together! Here’s a little more about their story ....

It All Started With Piles and Piles of Hair Ties

Hair ties. For most women, they’re a blessing and a curse. Wrapped around your wrist, buried beneath couch cushions, floating around your pursethey pop up everywhere when you don’t need them, but vanish when you do.  Growing up, I did gymnastics and didn’t go anywhere without a hair tie or two on my wrist. And between the indentations on my wrist and numbness in my thumbs, they became a literal pain. After playing around with the idea of a wearable fix that was both practical and attractive, I brought the idea for Go Girl Designs to my mom in 2014. She's a successful entrepreneur that’s been in business for a long time, so I knew she’d be a great partner. She loved the idea, so we started the journey to where we are now. - Lindsay

Building the Bangle

After Lindsay brought me the idea for Go Girl Designs, I was immediately in. I’ve always hated hair tie clutter because I’m sort of a neat freak. I remember thinking: ‘Surely we can make something that looks better than that.’ Once we decided to tackle Go Girl head on, we began to brainstorm about what piece of jewelry would be best for storing the ties. We wanted to stick with something classic that would also allow you to take the ties on and off. Classic, convenient, and practical, bangles quickly came to mind. Several designs followed, with some supporting thinner hair ties and others geared toward the thicker styles. We eventually found the perfect medium and the Busy Girl Bangle was born. With options in gold, rose gold and silver, it keeps your hair tie off your wrist while looking stylish regardless of where the day takes you. - Debbie

Growing into Go Girl Designs

It was really that first holiday season when mom and I knew we’d hit something. We had orders rolling in and customers saying all the time that they couldn’t wait to show the bracelet to their friends. To me, being a Busy Girl means you're getting up, going to work or class, hitting the gym, heading out to dinner, then doing it all again. We’re Busy Girls ourselves, so it’s important for us to design a bracelet that resonates with women on the go. As a mom and daughter team, we bring our passion to work every single day. We’re so excited to share our dream with you. We hope you enjoy! - Lindsay