Rose Gold Jewelry Trend for Fall 2016

Rose Gold Jewelry Trend for Fall 2016

 This fall’s must-have accessory color

Rose gold is more popular than ever; it’s flirty and delicate with a luxe appeal. It’s versatility and glamorous yet soft appearance is what has made it the color trend of 2016. You can find it on everything from jewelry, to electronics (like the iPhone) and even hair/makeup. Here are a few trends to check out.

Rose gold jewelry

This color is timeless and has made a splash on the women’s jewelry scene. From high-end watches such as Michael Kors, to necklaces and bracelets. Rose gold is everywhere in the accessories scene. Its lush tone appeals to younger generations and has quickly become the new classic.

Rose gold electronics

While the fashion industry has a pretty extended history with rose gold, the new “it” color didn’t make a splash into the electronics market until the release of the rose gold iPhone 6s. The internet went crazy over the new glam phone that everyone just had to have! You can now find it on iPads, Beats headphones and even smart watches such as Samsung’s Gear S2.

Hair and Makeup

Thought the rose gold trend would end with accessories? Think again! The latest and greatest beauty trends include rose gold hair and makeup. Beauty gurus are losing their minds. From fairy-like hair that screams magical, to glam eyeshadow for every diva to create romantic looks. Beauty junkies are raving over this new color. Makeup pallets are even centering their shades on different variations of rose gold and they are selling like hot cakes!

Need more rose gold fashion for this fall? Add our rose gold Busy Girl Bangle to your fall collection-it’s a bangle that keeps your hair tie close without ruining your outfit!

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Dangers of Wearing Hair Ties on Your Wrist

Dangers of Wearing Hair Ties on Your Wrist

You see them on the wrists of women of all ages – hair ties! Believe us, we get it. It’s quick and easy to grab when the moment strikes and you just have to put your hair up. But did you know, it could be harmful to your health?

The constant rubbing against your skin can result in abrasions that open the door to infection. It happened to Audrey Kopp, a Louisville, Ky., resident, who ended up in the emergency room. Doctors performed surgery to drain fluid from the abscess that developed on her arm.

What seemed like a simple act turned into a serious health condition. No worries, though. You don’t have to give up convenience for safety. Here are some tips to consider:

Keep it loose.

Hairbands – as well as watches or bandages – can dangerously restrict blood flow to your hands and fingers. Wearing anything tight can result in skin problems and the risk of developing vascular disorders.

Replace your old hairbands.

While many of us probably never think about it, most hairbands are made of materials that can absorb dirt and bacteria. Be sure to replace old hairbands and regularly wash your hands.

Wear a hair-tie bracelet.

Why wear a hairband on your wrist, when you can wear it on a stylish bracelet! The Busy Girl Bangle is designed to do just that. The bracelet provides convenient access to your hair tie on your wrist without fear of getting an infection.

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Go Girl Designs Partners with Country Music Artist Jana Kramer

Go Girl Designs Partners with Country Music Artist Jana Kramer

Fashion accessories company launches new brand with celebrity endorsement

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., June 15, 2016 – Go Girl Designs, an emerging fashion accessories company, today announced a partnership with country singer and actress Jana Kramer, who will serve as the celebrity spokesperson for its Busy Girl Bangle brand.

In 2016, Kramer received nominations for Female Vocalist of the Year from the Academy of Country Music Awards, Breakthrough Female of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year from the American Country Countdown Awards and Female Video of the Year from the CMT Music Awards for “I Got the Boy.” She will collaborate with Go Girl Designs for select marketing and social media promotions.

Go Girl Designs specializes in creating fashionable, yet functional, accessories for today’s woman on the go. The Busy Girl Bangle is a patent-pending bracelet that serves as both a chic accessory and a way to keep a hair tie conveniently at hand.

“From the moment I saw this bracelet that also doubles as a hair tie holder I knew I had to have one,” Kramer said. “What I like about the product is that it’s fashionable and practical.”

“Jana represents our brand perfectly,” said Lindsay Serfass, co-founder of Go Girl Designs. “Not only is she down to earth, but she’s a mother on the go trying to balance family and her career as a country music singer. She wears our bracelet and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner for Go Girl Designs,”

This versatile bracelet features two removable rope chains and a hair tie. It is currently available in gold, rose gold and silver, and can be purchased via the website.

“Jana connects across generations of women,” noted Go Girl Co-Founder, Debbie Perry. “She can speak to the busy mom or the fashion-conscious teenager with her Southern charm and sophistication.”

To learn more about Jana Kramer visit

About Go Girl Designs
Go Girl Designs is a fashion accessories company in Knoxville, Tenn., founded by Debbie Perry and Lindsay Serfass. The mother and daughter team is dedicated to providing women with trendy and functional accessories for everyday wear. The Busy Girl Bangle is the first product to launch. Its unique design keeps hair ties off your wrist yet conveniently close. Visit for more information.


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