Bohemian Fall Fashion Trends

Bohemian Fall Fashion Trends

Boho trends aren’t limited to the warm weather. Summer Boho pieces can be added to any outfit in the Fall- just add layers! The Busy Girl Bangle is the perfect accessory to your new outfit.

To make any fall look a touch more Boho, add a loose shaw or poncho with a funky pattern to your outfit. Suede skirts, knee-length boots or a warm-colored hat are also great compliments to achieve the fall bohemian trend. The secret to fall fashion? Layers. Flowy summer dresses and tops can be styled with a long sweater or outerwear.

The Busy Girl bangle can be stacked with other Busy Girl Bangles or thinner bracelets to compliment the Boho look. Add fun earrings or a long necklace for some flare and you’re ready to rock shopping the Farmer’s Market, getting Pumpkin-Spiced Lattes, or taking Instagrams at the pumpkin patch.

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Supporting Domestic Violence Awareness

Supporting Domestic Violence Awareness

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, every nine seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten. It is an issue that crosses all social and economic boundaries and is prevalent throughout our country.

Our friend and colleague Jana Kramer recently shared her story on Good Morning America and inspired so many. We stand united with Jana in support of the critical need for awareness about what is considered domestic violence and how to get help.

We at Go Girl Designs were founded by a mother-daughter team and proud to support the Salvation Army’s Joy D. Baker Center. We will donate $5 for every bracelet sold now through November 10 to the Joy D. Baker Center. This secure facility not only helps women but women with children as well. Domestic violence can impact all family members and this facility wants to help women stay safe as individuals or with their family if needed.

Domestic violence starts with an act by an intimate partner. Men, women, and children are all victims and more than 20,000 calls come into hotlines across the country per day. If you or someone you know needs assistance with their situation, they can get anonymous, confidential help by calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE).

There is help and there is hope.

More information:

Salvation Army’s Joy D. Baker Center

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Jana Kramer tells her domestic violence story

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Customizable Jewelry Trends

Customizable Jewelry Trends

Do you love changing up your style to fit whatever mood you are in? Do you find yourself spending too much money in your favorite store because you think your closet needs a facelift?  Have you ever borrowed something from a friend or roommate and just loved the feeling of wearing something different?  Customizable jewelry is the perfect way to change up your norm and fit right in line with this season’s trends.

The Busy Girl Bangle is the perfect accessory to make any old look new again.  Our new addition of fall color hair ties are sure to give this season’s wardrobe just the boost it needs.  The fall pack (insert hyperlink when on site) includeFall Hair Tie Pack - Fall Golds navy blue, eggplant, brown, emerald green and fuscia, just in time for the Fall season!

Customizable jewelry is the most affordable way to keep up with the changing fashion trends.  Not only convenient, it allows you to get creative in your closet.  It gives you way more options beyond just a bracelet or two.  Perfect your customizable jewelry collection with the Busy Girl Bangle’s hair tie rotation option and the vast array of color choices you can switch in and out of your bangle.

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How To Do a Teased Ponytail

How To Do a Teased Ponytail

There’s a saying in the South that goes, “May your hair be as big as your personality.” Big hair is not only popular in the South. Many girls across the nation are jumping on the teased ponytail train due to its convenience and flexibility. When you don’t have time to spend hours on your hair, then the teased ponytail is perfect for you. Check out this guide:

  1. With washed hair, flip your hair upside down while you blow dry it to boost volume.
  2. After your hair is dry, brush it out to prevent tangling.
  3. Next, separate the top part of your hair, starting from the crown of your head.
  4. Hold the section that you are going to tease with one hand straight up in the air. Then take a comb and start at the middle of the hair and work your way down to your scalp. Make sure the comb is firm against your hair but not so tight that it causes damage.
  5. Repeat the teasing motion until your hair has as much volume as you desire
  6. After you have the volume you want, brush out the section that has not been teased and start to form your ponytail.
  7. While holding the teased section and unteased section together in the form of a ponytail, use your other hand to gently brush through the teased section with your fingers.
  8. Make your pony tail as messy or as tight as you want and then fasten it with a hair tie.

Note: It may seem like it doesn’t look like what you pictured right away, but don’t fear… you can style it later.

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Romantic Looks Inspired by The Fall

Romantic Looks Inspired by The Fall

Easy fall hairstyles you’ll love

It’s that time of the year again, when the leaves change along with the hair style trends. With the fall season comes colder weather, holiday festivities and nights that you just can’t spend hours creating the perfect look.

Be adventurous this fall and try adding cute up-dos to your style. Have a hot date after a long day at work? No worries. We want to introduce you to a few quick and easy fall hairstyles that will save time while staying in style!

Twisted Low Bun

This look is perfect for almost any occasion. Whether you normally sport a middle part or just let your bangs free, this hairstyle leaves flexibility in the front to rock whatever style best compliments your face shape. The twist in the back plays up a normal bun to fit a more elegant occasion.

Pony Tail Swirl

Trying to create the perfect outfit with a basic pony-tail can be frustrating… we get it. But here’s a trick that will spice up any outfit combo this fall. It’s as simple as taking your finished pony-tail and wrapping it back through the part of your hair that isn’t in the hair-tie. You can keep it sleek and classy and straighten the ends or you can perk it up by adding some curls.

Tight High Bun

This go-to hairstyle is especially ideal when rocking it with a pair of sky high boots, leggings and your favorite cute shirt-cardigan duo. Dress up this up-do with a new red dress for your next date night.

The hair-tie in our bracelet can be used to perfectly accessorize your outfit with any of these quick up-dos. Check it out in our shop!

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Rose Gold Jewelry Trend for Fall 2016

Rose Gold Jewelry Trend for Fall 2016

 This fall’s must-have accessory color

Rose gold is more popular than ever; it’s flirty and delicate with a luxe appeal. It’s versatility and glamorous yet soft appearance is what has made it the color trend of 2016. You can find it on everything from jewelry, to electronics (like the iPhone) and even hair/makeup. Here are a few trends to check out.

Rose gold jewelry

This color is timeless and has made a splash on the women’s jewelry scene. From high-end watches such as Michael Kors, to necklaces and bracelets. Rose gold is everywhere in the accessories scene. Its lush tone appeals to younger generations and has quickly become the new classic.

Rose gold electronics

While the fashion industry has a pretty extended history with rose gold, the new “it” color didn’t make a splash into the electronics market until the release of the rose gold iPhone 6s. The internet went crazy over the new glam phone that everyone just had to have! You can now find it on iPads, Beats headphones and even smart watches such as Samsung’s Gear S2.

Hair and Makeup

Thought the rose gold trend would end with accessories? Think again! The latest and greatest beauty trends include rose gold hair and makeup. Beauty gurus are losing their minds. From fairy-like hair that screams magical, to glam eyeshadow for every diva to create romantic looks. Beauty junkies are raving over this new color. Makeup pallets are even centering their shades on different variations of rose gold and they are selling like hot cakes!

Need more rose gold fashion for this fall? Add our rose gold Busy Girl Bangle to your fall collection-it’s a bangle that keeps your hair tie close without ruining your outfit!

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