Your Simple Summer Solution

Your Simple Summer Solution

The summer heat is here and it’s time to put our hair up! Whether you’re spending the summer traveling, working, tackling a new hobby or project, Go Girl Designs has got you covered. Here are various scenarios for which the Busy Girl Bangle is your best friend:

Traveling – Picture yourself rushing through the airport, trying to make it in time for the flight. Trust us, your hair is the last thing you want to worry about. Wear the Busy Girl Bangle in case the plane, car or bus is hot. Your seat neighbor won’t even notice the hair-tie on your trendy bracelet.

Working – Sure, you may work indoors, but what about to and from the office? Lunch break? If you’re going to be outside at all, wear the Busy Girl Bangle. Throw your hair in a pony in the heat so you can let it down luscious and dry when you get back.

Sports – Don’t sacrifice fashion on your way to and from the gym, field or court. Meeting the girls after a quick workout? Pack your Busy Girl Bangle to spice up your sporty look.

By the water – The beach can be pretty windy, and so can taking the boat out on the lake. Avoid the horrible knots by taking your Busy Girl Bangle with you to put your hair up. Another hack: get “beach waves” by putting your hair in a tight, messy bun after it gets wet.

Surf? Check. Sun? Check. Sand? Check. Busy Girl Bangle? Get yours here!

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