What We Love in an Outfit

What We Love in an Outfit

It’s the week of Valentine’s Day, and there’s nothing we love more than the perfect outfit. So, what is the perfect outfit?

Style – Every outfit should reflect who you are. Is your personal style sporty, preppy, casual or bold? The perfect outfit reflects the person you strive to be! The Busy Girl Bangle comes in gold, silver or rose gold so it can match any style. We even have different colored hair packs!

Comfort – Let’s face it, it takes a special girl to enjoy wearing Spanx or high heels. The compliment “you look so comfy” holds just as much weight as “you look so cute.” Nothing’s better than feeling like you’re wearing your pajamas all day. The Busy Girl Bangle is open so it won’t cause rashes on your skin or constantly need to be toyed with.

Convenience – We all love an outfit that’s just nice enough to wear to both the office and happy hour or comfortable enough for class and the mall. Pair your outfit with your hair in a bun at a meeting and let your hair loose to hang with the girls. With the right outfit, your hair can transform any outfit, especially with the help of a Busy Girl Bangle.

What makes your perfect outfit? Check out our website for the perfect accessory to any ensemble!

Pic: Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins’ Amy Loochtan

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