Romantic Looks Inspired by The Fall

Romantic Looks Inspired by The Fall

Easy fall hairstyles you’ll love

It’s that time of the year again, when the leaves change along with the hair style trends. With the fall season comes colder weather, holiday festivities and nights that you just can’t spend hours creating the perfect look.

Be adventurous this fall and try adding cute up-dos to your style. Have a hot date after a long day at work? No worries. We want to introduce you to a few quick and easy fall hairstyles that will save time while staying in style!

Twisted Low Bun

This look is perfect for almost any occasion. Whether you normally sport a middle part or just let your bangs free, this hairstyle leaves flexibility in the front to rock whatever style best compliments your face shape. The twist in the back plays up a normal bun to fit a more elegant occasion.

Pony Tail Swirl

Trying to create the perfect outfit with a basic pony-tail can be frustrating… we get it. But here’s a trick that will spice up any outfit combo this fall. It’s as simple as taking your finished pony-tail and wrapping it back through the part of your hair that isn’t in the hair-tie. You can keep it sleek and classy and straighten the ends or you can perk it up by adding some curls.

Tight High Bun

This go-to hairstyle is especially ideal when rocking it with a pair of sky high boots, leggings and your favorite cute shirt-cardigan duo. Dress up this up-do with a new red dress for your next date night.

The hair-tie in our bracelet can be used to perfectly accessorize your outfit with any of these quick up-dos. Check it out in our shop!

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