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How To Do a Teased Ponytail

How To Do a Teased Ponytail

There’s a saying in the South that goes, “May your hair be as big as your personality.” Big hair is not only popular in the South. Many girls across the nation are jumping on the teased ponytail train due to its convenience and flexibility. When you don’t have time to spend hours on your hair, then the teased ponytail is perfect for you. Check out this guide:

  1. With washed hair, flip your hair upside down while you blow dry it to boost volume.
  2. After your hair is dry, brush it out to prevent tangling.
  3. Next, separate the top part of your hair, starting from the crown of your head.
  4. Hold the section that you are going to tease with one hand straight up in the air. Then take a comb and start at the middle of the hair and work your way down to your scalp. Make sure the comb is firm against your hair but not so tight that it causes damage.
  5. Repeat the teasing motion until your hair has as much volume as you desire
  6. After you have the volume you want, brush out the section that has not been teased and start to form your ponytail.
  7. While holding the teased section and unteased section together in the form of a ponytail, use your other hand to gently brush through the teased section with your fingers.
  8. Make your pony tail as messy or as tight as you want and then fasten it with a hair tie.

Note: It may seem like it doesn’t look like what you pictured right away, but don’t fear… you can style it later.

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