Go Girl's Guide to Galentine's Day

Go Girl's Guide to Galentine's Day

Grab some rosé and cue up the Netflix. This month, we’re celebrating our favorite Friday night activity -- some quality time with our comfy clothes, crafts, and besties. At Busy Girl HQ, we’re eternally grateful for the women in our lives who support us through thick and thin. And while Valentine’s Day is a magical time to snuggle up with your special someone, we prefer to shine a light on our loyal ladies during Galentine’s Day. So mark your calendars and start a group text -- here are the essentials for planning a Galentine’s Day celebration for the ages.

SIPS. Whether you want to warm up with margaritas or keep things fresh with green juice, make sure your fridge is stocked with your ladies’ favorite beverages.

Bonus points! Come with a custom cocktail to mark the night. Don’t forget to have some non-alcoholic options on-hand

SNACKS. Get a potluck list going --  stat. Making sure everyone signs up for a dish (sweet or savory) keeps you from stressing in the kitchen. It also ensures everyone has a favorite item on the menu.

Bonus points! Keep it collaborative with a dessert bar. Sundaes, cookies, or trifles, anyone?

SHOWS. Rom-coms, murder mysteries, and silly YouTube videos are all options. But really, you know your crew’s taste best. Make sure you’ve got plenty of entertainment options on-hand to keep you locked-in all night long.

Bonus points! Create a rom-com bingo board to add a collaborative twist.

CRAFTS. Give us a better excuse to break out the glitter and we’ll gladly hand over our fairy dust. Add an interactive element to the night by providing a fun, easy DIY project that everyone can master. Send out a spreadsheet to solicit supplies or provide the goods yourself.

Bonus points! Stay on-trend with a fresh flower crown bar.

GIFTS. Say thanks for all of the ladies in your life with a small gift bag for your guests to take home! Busy Girl Bangles are the perfect functional AND fashionable token of your appreciation. Stuff your bags with styles that match each of your friends’ personalities: Boho, Ebony and Ivory, Classic, or Busy Kid.

Bonus points! Scour Etsy for some custom swag bag accessories.

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