Four Tips for the Busy Girl: Holiday Survival Guide

Four Tips for the Busy Girl: Holiday Survival Guide

Being a busy girl over the holidays can get a little crazy. Whether you’re a working mom, a college student, or a woman who’s just #gettingitdone, setting aside time to unwind can be just as challenging as finding the perfect holiday gift. Struggling to stay sane between family obligations, work demands, and holiday parties? Here are four ways to make it through the holidays like a champ … and with plenty of style.

Get Moving

Exercise might not pair perfectly with a plate of holiday cookies, but according to the Mayo Clinic some simple workouts over the holidays can boost endorphins, increase focus, and improve your mood --  i.e. it’s an awesome way to maintain your zen with a house full of relatives. Here are a few easy tips for staying active. Don’t forget your Classic Busy Girl Bangle to keep your pony on-hand for a spontaneous sweat session!


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Give Thanks

Before you start listing off what you’re thankful for, find a quiet place to relax and truly appreciate the good stuff. Sometimes it’s as simple as sneaking into the bathroom for a few minutes or walking around the block. Once you have some space, close your eyes, take five deep breaths (in through your nose and out through your mouth), and visualize something that brings you joy. A family member, a recent vacation, your favorite hiking spot -- anything goes. Check out sites like Mindful and Headspace for some easy meditations you can practice anywhere. The Boho Bangle will pair perfectly with your new sense of chill.

Let It Go

That broken wine glass and stain on the couch? Chances are no one cares. It’s tough to give up the dream of being the perfect hostess over the holidays, but being a relaxed version of yourself is the best gift you can give guests. Go with the flow and, most importantly, laugh! When you think about it, the best holiday stories stem from mishaps. Make sure you have an Ebony & Ivory Bangle on-hand for those “happy” accidents.


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Play a Game

Take a cue from the kiddos and bust out a deck of cards or board game. Games require focus and can decrease stress. Plus, their entire purpose is to help you have fun! Every family has a favorite, but games like 20 Questions, Reverse Charades, and Pictionary are some great go-tos. Shutterfly created this great list of options for kids and adults-only gatherings. Treat the winning team of littles to pack of matching Busy Kid Bangles!

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