Dangers of Wearing Hair Ties on Your Wrist

Dangers of Wearing Hair Ties on Your Wrist

You see them on the wrists of women of all ages – hair ties! Believe us, we get it. It’s quick and easy to grab when the moment strikes and you just have to put your hair up. But did you know, it could be harmful to your health?

The constant rubbing against your skin can result in abrasions that open the door to infection. It happened to Audrey Kopp, a Louisville, Ky., resident, who ended up in the emergency room. Doctors performed surgery to drain fluid from the abscess that developed on her arm.

What seemed like a simple act turned into a serious health condition. No worries, though. You don’t have to give up convenience for safety. Here are some tips to consider:

Keep it loose.

Hairbands – as well as watches or bandages – can dangerously restrict blood flow to your hands and fingers. Wearing anything tight can result in skin problems and the risk of developing vascular disorders.

Replace your old hairbands.

While many of us probably never think about it, most hairbands are made of materials that can absorb dirt and bacteria. Be sure to replace old hairbands and regularly wash your hands.

Wear a hair-tie bracelet.

Why wear a hairband on your wrist, when you can wear it on a stylish bracelet! The Busy Girl Bangle is designed to do just that. The bracelet provides convenient access to your hair tie on your wrist without fear of getting an infection.

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