Customizable Jewelry Trends

Customizable Jewelry Trends

Do you love changing up your style to fit whatever mood you are in? Do you find yourself spending too much money in your favorite store because you think your closet needs a facelift?  Have you ever borrowed something from a friend or roommate and just loved the feeling of wearing something different?  Customizable jewelry is the perfect way to change up your norm and fit right in line with this season’s trends.

The Busy Girl Bangle is the perfect accessory to make any old look new again.  Our new addition of fall color hair ties are sure to give this season’s wardrobe just the boost it needs.  The fall pack (insert hyperlink when on site) includeFall Hair Tie Pack - Fall Golds navy blue, eggplant, brown, emerald green and fuscia, just in time for the Fall season!

Customizable jewelry is the most affordable way to keep up with the changing fashion trends.  Not only convenient, it allows you to get creative in your closet.  It gives you way more options beyond just a bracelet or two.  Perfect your customizable jewelry collection with the Busy Girl Bangle’s hair tie rotation option and the vast array of color choices you can switch in and out of your bangle.

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